Thank YOU!!!! A week of Gratitude!

This post is the first in a series of pieces I plan to write expressing words of gratitude to all those who have been instrumental in me getting to this point. Keep an eye out on Facebook for updates.

In my first newsletter, I was reflecting on some of the amazing things I manifested into my life this year. I talked about how creating intentions helped me to get on with my work, in times when I was really leaning towards complacency, floundering in a sea of self-deprecating thoughts, or just frozen with plain old-fashioned fear of failure.

The first thank you goes to…

Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I was an avid listener to Wayne’s Hayhouse radio program. When he advised a caller to ‘Just send love’ when she was dealing with a difficult situation in her life.

I sent love.

When he said “A writer writes, so stop talking about the book you are thinking about and write.”

I wrote.

When he quoted Rumi’ “The Morning breeze has secrets to tell do not go back to sleep.”

I wrote it on my wall and got up in the middle of the night and wrote for months.

Whenever  I got stuck, I imagined myself putting my manuscript in his hands and I recited the intention

‘I feel excited that I am now friends with Wayne Dyer.’

My Old Mate Wayne

It was easy to believe he was my friend. When I listened to him on the radio he didn’t have the air of someone who wrote 40 something books, made millions throughout his career and had rubbed elbows and shared adventures with the rich and famous. He was a down to earth, storyteller/teacher who oozed love, for everyone!

I knew he would be in Melbourne for the ‘I am light workshop’ in August. I had visions of me hanging outside the Convention Centre waiting for him to pass by…That was how I was going to get my manuscript into his hand.

To read the full story of how and why I came up with the idea of putting my story in his hands check out my first newsletter. 

I imagined pushing my youngest daughter Ziggy, into his path with it in her hands…She really is irresistible…but would that look like child abuse?

It was two weeks before the workshop and it came to me.

On the Radio

I ran into my friend Sharee and she asked, “Have you bought your ‘I am light’ tickets?” I said, “No, not yet but this is what I am going to do. Next week, I am going to call into Wayne Dyer’s radio show and he is going to give me a ticket. When he does I will pay for half of your ticket.”

So the next Monday, I called into his show.

My heart was pounding!

My call was answered!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have called into Hayhouse radio shows and never gotten through!

I had my question ready!

Then Wayne proceeds to talk about Viktor Frankl, a man he respected for most of his life, and how he was one of those individuals who when faced with immense suffering choose to use it as a spiritual quest. He would ask himself daily, during his time in a concentration camp at Auschwitz. “Am I worthy of my suffering?”

Wayne’s words were so moving.  Then the final thing he said was….

“Now when you are thinking about your question today remember all these people who suffered in such hardships and ask yourself, is your life really that bad in this context?”

Then they say our first caller is Cathy, from Melbourne Australia.


Wayne says “What can I do for your today, my dear. What’s your question?”

“Are you crazy? I can’t ask my question after everything you just said.” I replied.

“Oh no, I was worried that if I said all of those things no one would ever call into my show again!!!” he laughed.

He asked me to tell him again but I paused trying to think of a better question. Luckily he just took that opportunity to tell a story! Phew. We had a really nice chat and in the end he invited me to be his guest at the ‘I am light’ conference and told me to bring a friend!

I am Light


So a week later My friend Sharee and I go to the workshop. It was truly amazing. There were over 1000 people there. The line up to talk to Wayne in between breaks was insane. I didn’t line up, I just trusted my chance would come.

I had bought him two copies of  ‘Where every You Are My Love Will Find You’ by Nancy Tilman, as a thank you. I had them in a bag with a letter and a usb stick with my story on it.

Literally, the second day before we were to start in the morning I ran into him as he was coming into The Convention Centre. “I said ‘Hey Wayne, it’s me! Cathy Koman from the radio.” He said “ Cathy, the one who I gave the free ticket to! I was wondering if you came. Did you bring a guest?” “ I sure did thank you so much!!! Let me know when I can give you a green smoothie.” I said.  “God love ya dear!”, he said.

It was so perfect…

No lines…

Just me bumping into my old mate Wayne. (mate is an Australian term I don’t usually use, as I am Canadian, but when I say it, in this context it always makes me laugh inside.)

So how am I going to get this bag into his hands? The bag with the thank you books! The bag with my manuscript…fulfilling the moment I have visualized since December.(For more on this check out this months Newsletter.)

So the day goes on and it is amazing…Truly divine.

It was literally the end of the day. He was saying his good byes. I looked at my friend and I said: ‘This is my moment! ‘…

People were starting to walk slowly down the aisle hoping, praying to shake his hand…

It was like they were blissed out zombies…

I don’t know what happened, everyone else was in slow motion I was like a flash of light.

Through the people, to the stage….

I held my hand, with the bag in it, high in the air: “Wayne!” I shouted over the clapping.

“Wayne”, I shouted over the cheers.

He bent down and took my bag…The bag with the thank you books…The bag with my story…The moment I had visualized since December… frozen in time.

And then…

Security took the bag.

HAHAHAHA. It was hilarious!

My Scurvy Elephant (disturbing element) moment!

A week later…

I will never know if he got the bag or the books or my usb with my manuscript because he died exactly one week later…

But it doesn’t matter.

Having that moment in the future when I knew everything was going to work out happened…when he took that bag I knew, if I would do this to get my material out there…

I would do whatever it takes to make sure this dream became a reality.

Wayne said, “You are all divine light.”

I believed him…I carry his words with me every day.

I was the first caller on his last show…

And I never asked him my question…

“You said a writer writes so, I wrote and now I am finished…What do you do when you have finished the book but the fear creeps in?”

In the words of someone awesome… “Feel the Fear and do it anyway!”

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer, your lessons will live on in the hearts and transformation of many! I feel blessed to have met you and seen and experienced divine love from a master!

This week I am Grateful…Not just for what I have manifested but for all those who have helped me get to where I am now.

I am committed to writing at least two letters of gratitude a day to those who have helped on this journey of love, healing and creativity.

Thank you to you for stopping by.

Love, light, gratitude and great times!

Cathy Koman

P.S. Who in your life deserves a letter of thanks? Let me know on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Thank YOU!!!! A week of Gratitude!

  1. Hi Cathy, I listened to my “mate” Wayne and heard your call and then was not sure when the show was recorded because the broadcast was in August and I felt how tragic it would of been to not be able to see Wayne. I have never met him personally in the flesh, but he has always been with me in spirit and my mind.

    I searched for you and found your page and was so happy to hear that you got to meet him. I glad you are sharing your light like we all can and facing the fear and doing it anyway… Please feel free to send me your news letter and check out my site as well, I have 3 free webinars coming up but please sign up before there are a limited number of spaces. Wishing you Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, and Abundance always…
    Michael Amirault


    1. I have made a few wonderful friendship’s from calling into that show. Like you a few have looked for me. And yes I was very blessed to been able to meet him! I will definitely check out your site Michael!


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