This Isn’t A ROCK!


Last March, the girls and I were at the park being pirates.  This was, a new trend I was happy to encourage, given I had experienced almost four years of escorting a princess everywhere.

Anywho, we are at the park being pirates when Leeloo picked up a huge rock. Thinking we were still playing pirates, I said to Leeloo, “ARRR. That rock will be perfect to scare these there sharks away.”

“This isn’t rock, it’s an egg! I am taking it to back to its nest” She replied indignantly.

And so the game was on and a story was born. To the chagrin of Nathan’s Grandma who kept trying to take the rock from Leeloo, whose shouts could be heard throughout the park: “It’s not a Rock!!! Give that back to me!!!!”

She talks to strangers a bit better these days…well some days she does.

This Isn’t A Rock

Hey! Be careful with that rock!

This isn’t a rock, it’s an egg. I am taking it back to the nest so I can sit on it. It should hatch any day now.


Rocks are dangerous, you know!

Don’t worry. This isn’t a rock it’s a bowling ball I am just rolling it back to the start.

We don’t play with rocks.

I know we don’t. Luckily, it’s not a rock it’s a baby monkey. It got lost and now I am trying to take it back to its mummy.

What are doing with that rock?

It’s not a rock it’s pirate treasure and I am going to bury it before the famous ‘One Shoe Pirate’ gets it! Look out, here she comes now!


Don’t throw that rock!

It’s not a rock it’s a weight. I am exercising like my dad. Just kidding my dad doesn’t exercise. haha.

Watch that rock doesn’t fall down, you could really hurt somebody.

That’s not a rock it’s a crystal ball and I am a fortune teller. For a small price I can tell your fortune. For big price I will make sure it’s good.



O.K I think it’s time we put that rock away.

It’s not a rock it’s a new born baby and it’s time to put her to sleep. Shhhh! Quiet please. Has anyone ever told you that you’re very noisy?

The End or Maybe TO Be Continued….


All the views to be expressed in this section are my opinion. They are not to be taken as parenting advice…

Unless you happen to agree with them and in that case please take them on board.

I loved creating this story together. It reminded me that in the pursuit of us trying to keep our kids safe, we sometimes take away chances for them to explore their world and imagination. Expecting that a child will always do the wrong thing with something, like a rock or a stick, just because there is a hint of danger isn’t fair. When I was a kid, a pile of sticks could keep me amused for hours.

Speaking of sticks, check out the books: ‘Not a stick’ and ‘Not a Box’, by Antoinette Portis. She also wrote ‘Princess Super Kitty’, a favourite at our house.

Also on this topic, there is a really great TEd Talks presentation called ‘5 dangerous things you should let your kids do’. 

This talk reminded me of my childhood…

I remember the freedom of growing up in the 80’s. My hair blowing in the wind, unconstrained by a helmet, as I rode my bike down the middle of my street! Climbing trees up to the sky.. no adult in sight!! What freedom…What fun… It was awesome!

Wishing you a week filled with imaginative and moderately dangerous play!




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