A Magic Carpet Follow Up


I woke up at 5am hot on the heels of a new story, then another, then another. My head was spinning. I had no choice but to get up and start before they flew away, off to grace another imagination with their tickly thoughts of far of places that only a magic carpet can take you to.

Yes, this was the follow up to the activity I did with Leeloo’s class, ‘The Musical Magic Carpet Ride’.

It began with…

New Mindful Warm Ups

These are mindfulness activities I picked up over the last couple of years of research, that I have adapted for children. They could be used with this activity or in between lessons as a way to get kids back into their bodies and focused for the next task.  I have a pretty substantial list now. Here’s a few teasers.

  • Walking in a circle paying attention to different parts of our body as we walk
  • Body part circles based on an activity my friend taught me from Thai Yoga.
  • Super Hero Stance- for boosting confidence and sense of self.

Main Lesson Ideas

The lessons will have a similar format using music and movement to help tell a story.

Story one: A Forgotten Shop of Wonders- The carpet shows up but in a different location.

Story two: The Broken Wishing Chair

Story three: Based on a story I wrote about a seed trying to find out what it is.

Story four: Mim’s Mixing bowl- the magic carpet is back but this time it shrinks the children and drops them in their teacher’s mixing bowl as she is about to make something.

Going With The Flow

I woke up and typed away furiously. I allowed my mind to dance from one story to the next without thinking too much about where it was going.

All the boring thoughts that sometimes stop me started… Will I ever use these stories? This isn’t book worthy writing, I should be working on my other stories, I should be finishing the 10 unfinished blogs, blah blah blah!

This is what I decided…

Even if the only kids to ever experience these activities are the kids in Leeloo’s class, I will be happy. My creative inspiration comes to me for a reason and it’s not my job to try and understand it. My job is to honour it by recording and trusting that it will serve in some way.

As usual, I got interrupted before I had time to finish, by the waking call of a small monster, who takes a while to find her feet in the morning. Naturally, she needs her Mom to come and carry her from bed. As the mom’s get louder I stopped typing.

Throughout the day, I always have my laptop in the kitchen. You never know when words or inspiration will strike. As the day went on the lesson plan ideas continued and what I will do with them started to take shape.

I will write more on this as it emerges but for now if you would like my lesson plans for any of the activities I have written about please email me at cathykoman@outlook.com! I would love to pass them on.

The thought that someone else could use them and enjoy them as much as I have warms my heart.

A Call To Action…

If inspiration strikes this week, no matter how random, record it! Put it on your wall or somewhere safe. Creativity could be calling on you! Don’t miss that call!

Cathy Koman

P.S Another thing my Creativity asked me to do was to find myself a writing group. So I created the group ‘Creating Stories for Kids’. I will write more about that in my next blog.

P.S.S. If you feel brave enough to share those creative callings please share them on my facebook page!

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