Music and Stories


My stories have really been influenced by music for the last couple of years. The music either comes first or it comes to me as an afterthought but it feels like every story has needed a sound track.

Dancing Our Way To Inspiration

My kids love of music has helped. Leeloo’s creative dance class, Bindu Creative Dance, has had a huge influence. I suspect it was the source that made my writing come to life with sound and movement!

When I wrote ‘Following My Song’, it initially started as a visual image. I didn’t have music in mind I just knew that the pictures would clearly show a girl following musical notes on a sheet of music. In the middle of that process, during meditation, a person from musical history came to mind. When I did some research about that person two of their songs clearly told my story. If I took away the words, the pictures and the music would still tell the story.

New Writing And Story Ideas Continue

This led to a tsunami of story possibilities that started with the stories themselves or simply the song. To date I have three stories I would like to explore with the same picture concept seen in ‘Following My Song’. However, the follow up stories are on hold while I send out ‘Following My Song’ to publishers.

I suspect now that the floodgates have opened the stories may never stop. Which is a beautiful thing.

Lately, music has taken me down another street.

My latest exploration of stories and music started with an activity I call ‘The Musical Magic Carpet’. (My adaptation of an activity I experienced in a Song Room Workshop in 2007) Leeloo’s teacher graciously allowed me to come and run the session with her class.

I started out with telling the story of where I found the carpet. Naturally, it was given to me from a lady I met in India as repayment for taking care of her camel. The carpet went to planets where each was characterized by a different song.

It was hilarious where my mind went in telling the story of each planet. However, the kids’ stories, after they traveled to each planet, stole the show!

The lesson plan and the story is in my next blog ‘Five Year Old Feedback’.

Wishing you the perfect music for your movie this week!

Cathy koman

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