Out of the Co-Sleeping Closet


I am going to out myself…

This is how I get my kids to sleep…

They both lay down with me, in my bed, and when the oldest, who is afraid of the dark and other things her imagination conjures up, is asleep, I put her in her bed.

Since moving into our new house I haven’t bothered to try and get the youngest back into her own bed.

I am sure you have lots of opinions as to why this is not good, or what I should be doing,  but this is what I am doing, at the moment.

It is only a moment in time in the grand scheme of things, like all the other moments, so I am not going to make myself wrong about it.

These are the things we do that make this moment so special:

  1. Re-visiting old stories: Sometimes we remember and talk about happy times, funny stories, great adventures and share them with one another.
  2. Making up new stories: We all, even the 2 year old, take turns making  up stories.  This supports language development and helps to value each person’s own creative expression.  Last night after my story Leeloo said mom “You should really think about becoming a storyteller. “ Haha! I am glad I have the five year old stamp of approval… As you can see from my previous blog ‘Five Year Old Feed Back’ it’s not always easy to attain.
  3. I’m scared: The 5 year old sleeps with me because she is scared. She is still scared at times even when she is in bed with me. Although, this feels frustrating, it is the perfect time to talk about her thoughts and that she gets to choose them. Even the thoughts about monsters can be changed. We usually help the thoughts to change by remembering a happy time or visualising an event that will happen tomorrow or in the future…
  4. Secrets: All the secrets come out at bed time. She loves to talk about the boys she chases at school, the boy she kisses (although, I am certain she hasn’t kissed them it’s funny to hear her boy crazy musings) and she shares the complicated friendship stuff that has her frustrated or confused.
  5. Lots of I love you’s: As they both get older, the cuddles and the I love you’s are getting less frequent but bed time is a Mumma sandwich of squeezes and smooches.

This is not for everyone. I am certainly not suggesting if you have a sleep routine that works for you, to change it! I am just sharing the upside of what can be a very frustrating situation, at times.

Also, Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Therefore, lots of these moments lead to workshop and story ideas, for me.

There…this co-sleeping parent is now officially out of the closet.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Post below or on my facebook page!

Cathy Koman


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