Power Pose For Kids

In my recent workshop, Superhero Themes, I introduced to a group of kids the concept of ‘The Power Pose’. We went in search of our very own Superhero Pose. In this post, I have three activities you can try with your kids or class. The Science Behind the Power Pose Amy Cuddy a social psychologist at Harvard … Continue reading Power Pose For Kids

Mindful Storytelling: Moments of Reflection

Mindful Storytelling has been a year in the making. If I think of the skills I use it has been about 10 or more years. All of 2016 I volunteered in different settings, primary and kinder classes, to try out different lesson ideas to see what kinds of drama, movement and mindfulness activities would work with different … Continue reading Mindful Storytelling: Moments of Reflection

Mindfulness at Bedtime

Wishes Wishes, the first session in a series of holiday workshops, was about the story of a magic wishing feather. Together we danced and acted out the story. Students were introduced to mindful breathing and visualization tools. They created a wishing jar, where they put their wishes for the future and the new school year. … Continue reading Mindfulness at Bedtime

Mindful Storytelling at Primary School

A while back I went into a local primary school and conducted my one day workshop. The first lesson of the day was well received by an exuberant bunch of preps! They were amazingly enthusiastic and creative ! I felt really grateful to be able to share this program with them! My classes are always … Continue reading Mindful Storytelling at Primary School

Mindful Listening

Being present to the sounds around you is another mindfulness technique that enhances our awareness and leads to increased focus. Mindful listening practice can help to increase the length of time children are able to focus. For children entering school this is essential as they will be expected to listen and follow longer and more complex instructions. … Continue reading Mindful Listening

Mindful Moments in the Australian Bush

We spent New Years next to a river in the Australian Bush. I will not say that it wasn't without it’s challenges. Put four people and a dog in a car with faulty air con, towing the world’s worst 4wd trailer, add multiple downpours on arrival, leaky tent, thunder and lightning and you can imagine … Continue reading Mindful Moments in the Australian Bush