We are less than a week away from the first workshop in the Mindful Storytelling Summer Workshop Series.

So excited!!!

There are still spots available so feel free to invite some little friends to join in.

Follow this link for important details such as dates, times, price, etc.

What to Bring:

Wishes… Tuesday, 10th of January- 10 am – 10:50 –The Body Voice Centre, 50 Wolverhampton Street, Footscray

  • We will be creating a wishing Jar (see the post Wishing for 2017 to explain). I have jars but they are glass. If you are worried please bring a plastic jar or a special box.
  • Bring a few special items from home to put in the jar. For example little pics, rocks, leaves, and any small items that may act as a remind of a special time. If you forget don’t worry you can add it when you get home.

Dreams… Tuesday, 17th of January-10 am – 10:50- The Body Voice Centre, 50 Wolverhampton Street, Footscray

  • Bring a small stuffed toy or doll. Something special that your child may take to bed with them. I will be doing a breathing exercise and using the toy to help demonstrate proper deep belly breathing.

Superhero Themes…Monday, 23rd of January- 10 am – 10:50- Location TBA

  • Children are invited to dress up as their favourite hero.

For more info about the all the January Workshops click this link.

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