Mindful Storytelling: Relaxation

  I had a great start to my program at Footscray City Primary School. We danced,we moved, we filled up our friend's buckets with feathery kindness and we morphed into our favourite things. However, the activity that made all the difference was relaxation! The first couple of sessions went to plan so perfectly that it lulled me into … Continue reading Mindful Storytelling: Relaxation

Mindfulness in Middle Primary

Last year I worked in a few middle primary classes. One of those classes stands out in my mind. It had a beautiful community feel but it still had challenges. There were several children with an array of social and emotional needs. There was a boy, I suspected was on the spectrum, a girl with … Continue reading Mindfulness in Middle Primary

Mindful Management: Tweaking our Approach to Classroom Management

In my first year of teaching I chose not to apply for jobs. Instead I decided to do relief teaching and work on my classroom management skills. Everyone has experience with relief teachers. Remember the terrible things we did to them. It’s not an easy gig. Imagine being that poor person. Most relief teaching days … Continue reading Mindful Management: Tweaking our Approach to Classroom Management