New Mindful Storytelling Classes

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Cathy koman, primary school, mindfulness and kids yoga teacher. I am starting to offer community classes for Mindful Storytelling, in term 2.

Follow this link for more information.

The community classes will be very similar to the classes I run in schools.

Attendees will experience short mindfulness techniques to assist them in being present, tuning in, releasing anxiety and tension and increasing concentration. These mindful moments will be woven into fun and engaging sessions using drama, yoga, dance and movement to tell a story.

* For a few reasons the 9:30 Toddler and Carers class has been put on hold. In it’s place is a Kinder Kids class, specifically designed for getting your kinder kid ready for primary school. 

Lesson Plan (2)

Follow this link now to Book a Trial lesson.

The story will have a central theme that encourages students to adopt new tools, ways of thinking and behaviors that will benefit, support and enhance the student’s happiness and sense of self. Some of the central themes to be explored will be kindness, persistence, optimism, gratitude, empathy, compassion, and the importance of our own uniqueness.

To understand more about a Mindful Storytelling session you may wish to look at the post Mindful Storytelling at Primary School, which is a lesson I did a while back for 5- 6 year olds. Since writing that post I now use yoga postures during the story set up. I have found this keeps the students engaged and it helps them to be a part of the lesson on a whole different level.

Check out this post to see what I have planned for the first couple of weeks!

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