Mindful Breathing

Every Mindful Storytelling session starts with the breath. I use these moments throughout the class. Instead of classroom management I use Mindful Management. By creating mindful moments, or breath breaks, throughout the session two things happen; These mindful moments allow the students and I to experience a moment of calm, quiet and connection. The increase of oxygen … Continue reading Mindful Breathing

Beautiful Children’s Books About Boxes

I love boxes. Yesterday, we went shoe shopping. When my daughter decided to where her shoes out of the store the shop assistant said. “I guess you don’t need the box.” “Yes we do! There are so many things you can do with a good shoe box. Doll cradles, pony stables, houses, dioramas, aquariums, the … Continue reading Beautiful Children’s Books About Boxes

Quiet Places and Chameleons

Mindful Storytelling helps students go on a journey of discovery where they experience mindful moments, yoga moves and connect with their own creative expression. With music and props we teleport to a world within our imaginations and bring to life stories that are heartfelt and healing . Week One: Inspired by boxes and the book Charlotte … Continue reading Quiet Places and Chameleons

The Compassionate Path to Addressing Student Behavior

I know there are schools out there doing everything on this list and more! Here is hoping that more jump on this beautifully compassionate path to promoting behaviors that lead to increased happiness and well being of students, staff and families.  Calm Down and Connection Strategies All students learn strategies that help them to calm … Continue reading The Compassionate Path to Addressing Student Behavior

What Students and Parents Can Expect…

We are two weeks away from the first Term 2 classes. Good for the Body, Mind and creative confidence! Drama filled adventures in mindfulness. Encouraging kids to be calm, cool, confident and creative! Scroll down to find information on days, times and location. Weekly Classes Rather than go right into a term at another school … Continue reading What Students and Parents Can Expect…