We are two weeks away from the first Term 2 classes. Good for the Body, Mind and creative confidence!

Drama filled adventures in mindfulness. Encouraging kids to be calm, cool, confident and creative!

Scroll down to find information on days, times and location.

Weekly Classes

Rather than go right into a term at another school I want to get a few community classes going. Smaller class sizes will enable me to create stronger relationships with the children. It will help me to create lessons that are aimed at bringing their understanding and practice of mindfulness to a deeper level. I can involve students in ways that are specific to assisting them in being the best version of themselves.

For the 3-5 and Prep to Grade two Classes

Mindful Storytelling sessions are age appropriate and help students develop problem solving skills, confidence, calm and focus. Attendees will experience short mindfulness techniques to assist them in being present, tuning in, releasing anxiety and tension and increasing concentration. These mindful moments will be woven into fun and engaging sessions using drama, yoga, dance and movement to tell a story.

The story will have a central theme that encourages students to adopt new tools, ways of thinking and behaviours that will benefit, support and enhance the student’s happiness and sense of self. Some of the central themes to be explored will be kindness, persistence, optimism, gratitude, empathy, compassion, and the importance of our own uniqueness.

I have also recently become a trained kids’ yoga teacher. What this means for the students is the movement in class is mostly yoga based. I will use yoga poses to help me tell the story, making it interesting, engaging and lots of fun! As the term moves on I will build on their knowledge of different yoga postures.

Toddlers, Parents and Carers

I am also offering a toddler and carers class where we will emerce ourselves in child lead dramatic play, with music, song and movement. New mindfulness techniques will be introduced each class to support parents and carers with being more present during our favourite and not so favourite toddler moments.

Lesson Plan (2).jpg

Monthly Classes: 

I am also considering running monthly classes in West Footscray which will be held on Saturdays. These will be 2 hour classes and will run as a regular Mindful Storytelling class for the first hour. During the second hour we will take our story down another road adding new dimensions and depth, enhancing the story: through music, art, dance. Basically, we will explore anything that will help bring our story to life.

I will send out more information as it becomes available but in the mean time if this class appeals to you and yours please contact me here. 


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