Mindful Storytelling helps students go on a journey of discovery where they experience mindful moments, yoga moves and connect with their own creative expression. With music and props we teleport to a world within our imaginations and bring to life stories that are heartfelt and healing .

Week One:

Inspired by boxes and the book Charlotte and the Quiet Place.

quiet Places

Lets go on a short yoga journey on a search for the perfect quiet place. Then we will use boxes, blankets and other props to create a quiet place, of our own, in class.

Sometimes, you must find the quiet outside of yourself to learn that the quiet you seek is inside.

The Toddler’s will be doing some nursery rhyme yoga then creating quiet spaces with the assistance of their big person.

Check out my post… Children’s Books About Boxes .

Week Two

Inspired by the Book Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravette.


The Primary school kids will be exploring the life of a Chameleon who tries to be like all the other animals. This poor guy tries desperately to fit in then finally he comes to an important realisation that leaves him feeling daring, happy and confident.

In the 3-5 class we will be using the Chameleons changeable nature to help us talk about feelings and emotions.

The Toddler class will be looking at identifying feelings and emotions. Naming our emotions is the first step to understanding ourselves and others.

*At the end of every class students are given an activity to share with their family that encourages mindfulness, calm, peace and connection at home.

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Lesson Plan (2)

For parents who are wondering if Mindful Storytelling is right for your child…here is another post What students and parents Can expect from the program.


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