New Programs For Schools


Mindful Storytelling workshop series are based on 5- 10 lessons. Each session will have a different learning focus that weaves mindfulness techniques throughout. A follow up activity is provided for the classroom teacher to explore, along with a poster that encourages regular practise of the mindfulness strategy introduced each week.

For more information about the school workshops follow this link.

 There are three programs to choose from which are tailored to meet the needs and interests of lower, middle and upper primary:

  1. Books ALIVE: A different book is used each session for inspiration. We use drama, movement and music to re-create the story. Students are encouraged to contribute their own ideas which creates ownership and adds a unique dimensions to every story. The regular classroom teacher is encouraged to follow up the lesson by practising the mindfulness technique introduced and exploring the text covered. There will be follow up activities perfect for the literacy block.

In 2017 and 2018 Books Alive focused on re-invneting stories based on Australian Authors.


  1. The Foundation: Social and Emotional Learning: through storytelling, movement, connection and mindfulness practices. During each session the students and workshop leader will create a story that focuses on a specific theme aimed at increasing the the student’s social and emotional literacy, ability to self-manage their behaviour, feel connected with those around them achieve success. Follow up activities will be given to the regular classroom teacher who is also encouraged to have the students practise the mindfulness technique introduced in each session. The focus of each session (in no specific order);
  • Kindness
  • Friendship
  • Naming Feelings and Emotions
  • Happiness and Gratitude
  • Tools for Big Feelings and Emotions – Creating a special place
  • Growth Mindset (Optimism, the power of yet, Re-framing failure)
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Living a more mindful life


Book a one day or workshop series for your school or kinder today!

3. A Creative Calm Curriculum: Integrating Mindfulness, movement and drama across the Curriculum. Each session will bring regular classroom lessons to life through a unique student centered story. There will be a different learning focus that weaves mindfulness techniques throughout while exploring the regular program through drama, music and movement.Possible areas to consider:

  • Literacy– Comprehension skills
  • Writing– Acting/Dancing out the genre
  • Mathematics – Problem solving strategies, chance and date, number
  • Other Possibilities– Values Program, Growth Mindset, Inquiry/Integrated topics, spelling and language development, the elements of movement and dance, etc

I am open to suggestions and challenges.


To Book a Session or request a brochure Follow this link.

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