I cry. I cry when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. I cry over cheesy commercials, when I here the bagpipes, fiddle or any Celtic music for that matter.

I haven’t always cried. In fact I denied myself the pleasure and the gift of shedding tears for many years. Every time my best friend and I would part ways, we have had a knack for living at opposite ends of the planet for years now, she would cry and I would get angry at her for trying to make me cry.

My mother and sister are the same. They cry when they see me for the first time, when I leave and many moments in between . Their eyes leak at the first sign of emotional turmoil in any movie, T.V. show, advertisement for Kleenex, diapers or hand soap. Their immediate connection to any emotionally charged situations is astounding.

It was these beautiful women who taught me about vulnerability and the power and the healing that comes with it. I now see crying as a master healer and the waves of tears that may spring from my eyes as being the perfect gift on a dark and stormy Sunday morning. So far this morning, and it is only 7 am, I have cried over a video of Newfoundlanders singing and dancing in an airport before boarding the plane to Newfoundland and a beautiful message written by a friend who had just lost someone to cancer. Her final message, a promise to live life now, was a rally call to my heart and even writing this brings me to tears again.

My husband and I have different parenting styles…He tries to explain to our kids all the reasons they don’t need to cry, after they have hurt themselves, are consumed by frustration or are just having a moment. Where as I am the opposite. I tell them all the reasons crying is the best thing you could do for yourself.

I tell them tears are a sign of strength not weakness. If it hurts cry! If its not hurting but you still feel like crying. Cry.

Crying is a natural part of being human so why should we deny ourselves of such a precocious gift.

There have been some moments in life when I was worried if I started crying I may never stop. In those moments anger always saved me from the thought of me breaking into a million pieces. I don’t remember when it was that I changed my mind and decided to duck dive into the emotions I had kept at bay and in check for so long.

The day I opened the flood gates I didn’t drown like I feared. Those tears saved me from a worse fate. Being Numb.

SO, this is my ‘Thank You’ to all those beautiful angels who have wept for me with me in times of sadness and happiness. Tears cleanse our bodies, so our souls can be heard once more. When we stuff down our hurts the only person we are hurting is ourselves so let that sh#$ out!

Allow life to squeeze and tug on your heart strings. Vulnerability is a gift not a curse. You are not too sensitive or too soppy you are divine and the ability to let life move you is a another one of the gifts you offer.

Now go to the friend on social media…The one who posts all the heartfelt cry your eyes out videos, that you usually avoid, and you have my permission (not that you need it) to absolutely lose your sh*$!

Happy Crying.

*The views expressed in this piece are my opinion and based on my personal experience. I am not a doctor, Psychiatrist, or a healthy professional. If you or a member of your family is suffering please reach out to a doctor or a health professional. Getting support in times of stress was the best gift I ever gave myself.



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