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The Power of Presence

Creating a kinder and more compassionate world for yourself and others through mindfulness

In today’s world of distraction, stress and endless possibilities it is sometimes hard to know what to do with it all. Mindfulness supports people to focus, calm down and enjoy life more fully.

Cathy Koman has been a student of meditation and mindfulness for the last 20 years. Her practice has supported her in her role as an educator, primary school teacher, mother and small business owner and creator of Mindful Storytelling.

“Mindfulness for me is the gateway to my creativity. It supports me to be more present with people in my life, in my job and helps me to pay attention to each step on my way to achieving my goals.”

Cathy Koman

This class is designed as an introduction on different aspects of mindfulness or barriers to living a more mindful existence. It will support beginner to intermediate students of mindfulness and can be adapted to suit groups of people who are already in the workforce, or who are university, TAFE or high school students.


Meditation is a wonderful practice that like mindfulness has a growing body of scientific evidence to support it being good for your mental health and general wellbeing. However, this is not a meditation course.

This is an opportunity to learn techniques to help you experience the present moment more fully; enhancing your focus, helping to relieve stress and anxiety about the past, present or the future and support you to enjoy your life more.


Photo by Kristen Sturdivant on Unsplash

The Power of Presence: Topics Covered

  1. What is Mindfulness?
  • The breath
  • The body
  • The world around you
  1. Will mindfulness make me too focused on the present? What about goals? 
  • Set a goal and let it go
  • The next best step
  • Visualisation
  1.  Is your thinking on your side? 
  • Our thinking
  • How to quiet our mind
  • Choosing kind thoughts
  1. Stress and Anxiety
  • Mindful tools to keep you calm and connected
  • Impermanence- This too shall pass
  • relaxation
  1. Mindful Communication
  • Active listening
  • Your body
  • Preparing for challenging conversations

All participants will receive a reading list to support them in exploring the wonderful world of mindfulness and deepen their practice.

Follow the link to Book a session for your students, group or workplace.

Keep a look out for Monthly Mindfulness Seminars

There will be guest speakers from different walks of life sharing their knowledge and wisdom on the topic of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness in March: Thursday March 22nd 7pm at the West Footscray Neighbourhood House

Send me an email if you are interested in the Monthly Mindfulness Seminars.

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