Mindful Storytelling for Primary and Early Learners

Mindful Storytelling has two programs to choose from- The foundation and Creative Thinkers of Tomorrow.

1. The Foundation:

Social and Emotional Learning through Collaborative Storytelling


Kinder – Year 6

One session per week for 6-10 weeks. Intensives also available.

Includes one session for parents and carers, and one session for educators.

* Reflects current and best practice for student wellbeing

* Connects to the Victorian Curriculum with an emphasis on the capabilities curriculum

* Utilises High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS)

Self-regulation builds social and emotional capabilities and is central to student success and wellbeing. Students who have self-awareness, and effective strategies to manage thoughts and feelings, will do better at school.

This is a playful but purposeful program that gives students explicit self-regulation strategies, develops self-esteem, and seeds good relationships with the people around them.

Mindfulness, yoga, movement, drama, and storytelling are used to engage younger children with key themes, including:

* Kindness

* Friendship

* Naming emotions

* Collaboration

* Gratitude



* Growth mindset

Follow up activities for teachers and parents are provided.



My daughter’s favourite class at school is Mindful Storytelling. She immediately felt comfortable with Cathy and was excited to explore all the various themes each week. I am so pleased that our school recognises the importance of helping nurture children’s ability to be not only mindful, but to be kind and grateful. I think the tools learnt in these classes will be invaluable throughout their lives in our now crazy, often chaotic, world!


Some mindfulness sessions with Cathy in the summer break, before starting prep really helped our learner build her confidence, gave her tools she uses daily to calm and focus herself when faced with challenges. Then having Cathy in school running classes during the year strengthened the lessons and strategies learnt and gave our little prep a real sense of belonging to a caring mindful community.



2. Creative Thinkers of Tomorrow

Integrating mindfulness, movement and drama with Concept Based units of learning, units of Inquiry or Interest Lead learning.


Kinder – Year 6

This is a Collaborative storytelling workshop. Each session is based on a theme presented in a unit of study. Unit examples: protecting the world we live in, How does your garden grow, weather, cultures from around the world, community, toy making, Healthy Choices, etc.

These topics may seem varied but I believe supporting our future creative thinkers starts with inspiring and encouraging a sense of curiosity and wonder.  Providing the space for students to follow their own ideas on each topic is how we encourage children to trust in their own instincts, creativity and innovative ideas.

One session per week for 6-10 weeks. Intensives also available.

* Develops more effective and engaged classrooms

* Supported by the Victorian Curriculum or Interest lead learning

* Unlocks creative capacity across multiple domains

* Prepares learners for a changing world

In a fast-changing world, students who can create and innovate will succeed. The ability to confidently make transdisciplinary connections, experiment, and reflect is vital.

This program supports students to develop strategies to focus, be present, regulate emotions, and be open to creative possibility.

Drama, movement, mindful moments and storytelling are integrated with key areas of the curriculum.

Follow up activities for teachers and parents are provided.


My son has absolutely loved Mindful Storytelling and in-fact its the only activity/lesson he can actually recall at the end of the day. He absorbed so much from it and was able to bring the learnings home. Lovely to see this workshop run at our school!


My child absolutely loved the Mindful Storytelling. I think this type of activity / teaching to our children is imperative. Of course; maths, science, literature etc are all extremely important but I believe the social and personal development outcomes of such programs in addition to physical education are not focused on enough in schools. Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn mindfulness based practices and move their bodies purposefully every day and from this we would see great change and improvement on a number of levels.


Folow this link to Link to Find out more.





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