Interested in Mindful Storytelling, through music, movement and drama, coming to your school or kinder? You can choose from a one day or a workshop series see details below..

There are three programs to choose from which are tailored to meet the needs and interests of lower, middle and upper primary:

  1. Books ALIVE
  2. The Foundation: Social and Emotional Learning through Collaborative Storytelling, 
  3. A Creative Calm Curriculum: Integrating Mindfulness, movement and drama across the Curriculum

Follow this link for a detailed explanation each of the programs available. 

1. One Day Workshop

This workshop is designed to run for 4 to 5 sessions, over one day and ends with a short Professional Development session for the staff (see below for details).

Each session will have a different learning focus that weaves mindfulness techniques throughout while exploring the regular program through drama, music and movement.

Lesson Breakdown

 Each session runs for 50-60 minutes:

Mindful Moment: Specific for certain times of the day. Designed to get us out of our minds and/or bring our energy and attention back into our bodies.

Learning Intentions: Introduce the learning intention using the Gradual release of Responsibility Model.

Story set up: I tell a story that sets the scene for the Main lesson. Props could be used to engage the students.

Main lesson: During the main lesson the story develops with the help of music, dance, movement and the ideas of the children.

Reflection: We reflect on the lesson by sharing our favourite moments, moves or thoughts about the activity.

Relaxation/ Visualisation: The purpose of the relaxation is to calm down the nervous system and to prepare the children for the next stage in their day.

Follow this link to book a one day workshop for your school.

2. Workshop Series

The workshop series is similar to the one day, in terms of approach and lesson break down, but it is spread out over a term (6 – 10 weeks). Each session, will explore the regular program through drama, music and movement, while expanding on mindfulness techniques.

I value the teachers input in assisting me to design a  program that suits the school context, social and emotional needs of the students and encourages involvement of the wider school community.

The benefit of a longer workshop series is..

  • each lesson builds on the students creative ideas that have emerged previously.
  •  students have the opportunity to experience a variety of mindfulness techniques and deepen their practice.
  • it increases the students social and emotional awareness, confidence and general wellbeing.

The staff will also have the opportunity to attend Professional Development (see below for details).

Book your Mindful Storytelling Workshop Series here.

Professional Development Opportunities

All  workshops comes with a Professional Development.  There are three sessions to choose from…

  1. Mindful Teachers: Put your oxygen mask on first and transform your classroom
  2. Mindful Management– Incorporating mindfulness into your classroom. Using a mindful approach to classroom management and create a calm connected compassionate classroom community.
  3. Storytelling through Drama, Movement and Music–  Enhance student engagement by using the performing arts in the classroom.

Both the One Day Workshop and the Workshop Series are flexible and can be tailored to the specific interests, needs and recommendations of teachers and students. 

Click here to inquire about the best workshop for your school.

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