Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

the brave day

This event has been made possible by the Maribyrnong City Council Community Grants Program. MCC_Logo_Black_H_5x2


The next installment of the Books Alive 2018 workshops is this weekend!! I am so excited as the last couple have been a lot of fun. These workshops are designed to show different ways to experience a story.

Sundays workshop will be based on the story ‘Mannie and Long Brave Day’. I will also be introducing some of my favourite books for getting our imaginations going.

We will be learning about a very important reading comprehension strategy ‘Making Prediction”. When children make predictions while reading or acting out a story it supports them in feeling more invested in what will happen next. Follow this link to read about the other comprehension strategies you can use to inspire your children to relate to books in a whole new way.

We will be joining Manni and Lilliput… First, we will be predicting who Manni and Lilliput are from an array of possible characters. Once we have decided on the main characters we will be off on an adventure into the forest, across a river and up a mountain. In each setting there is a problem. Can you predict what it may be? Luckily, we have a Magic Box to save the day at every turn.

“What’s in the Box?”

I hear you say. Well I will leave that for Sunday.

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Every workshop I do, in Mindful Storytelling, Books ALIVE or Adult classes, I weave a healing element into the story, that people of all ages can benefit from.

Here are a couple of tools you can expect to experience during ‘The Brave Day’.

  1. Breathe First. We always start with the breath because mindful breathing is one of the most healing acts we can do for ourselves. You want to know why read more here.
  2. I may introduce yoga postures or sequences that are useful when it comes to taking care of our body, mind and in the case of this week’s lesson increasing our bravery. Students are then encouraged to use their yoga moves throughout the story.
  3. This week, for the first time, I will be introducing something called Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is tapping on some of the acupressure points to support people of all ages to relieve stress, anxiety and ultimately to release stuck emotions. This is my go to modality for myself and my children when life gets particularly tricky.

I introduce these tools, tricks and tips through drama and play. Once I have introduced them it gives you’re your little person their first experience with it. Then when you try it later at home you can say “Do you remember the deep mindful breathing or the Tapping you did at Books Alive? Let’s try that together now.”

See you Sunday for a Magical FUN day!


Reserve your spot below by leaving your name and email and how many people will be attending, Thank you! 

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