Mindful March with Mindful Storytelling

Free workshops for families and children through out the month of March

I started a local community initiative called Mindful March. Although, I started it the idea and the direction it has gone in has been very much influenced by all the wonderful business that are now taking part.

Mindful March is a FREE month long event that allows people across the West to come together and experience all aspects, areas and approaches to mindfulness. There is something for everyone. Go over to mindfulmarch.org.au to check out the what’son.

Families are invited to…

join our email list to receive the full calendar of events and the Free eBook ‘ The Mindful March 2020 Little Book of Mindful Moments.’ This has 31 days of mindful moment activities, that can be shared with the young people in your life.

FREE Community Events for Families and Children

Mindful March

1. The Mindful March Launch Event at Footscray Library

Come and join us on March 1st from 2PM to 4PM at Footscray Library. There will be family yoga with Bindu Creative Dance and Yoga, Mindful Story Time, Mindful Creations and a short family meditation. To mark this special day we will also be sowing seeds for a kitchen garden.

The journey of a seed has much to teach us.

Bookings are not required for the Launch event.

2. The Importance of Self Care

Celebrate Mindful March by joining Amanda and Suzanne from Present Mindfulness Academy for a morning of awareness.

Parents, You will learn about the importance of self care, understanding what depletes and nourishes your mind and body and how this affects your relationship with yourself and others, and how to set up a self care plan for your mental and physical well being.

While you are developing your self care plan your children will be invited to join Mindful Storytelling’s Cathy Koman.

Mindful Storytelling is a collaborative storytelling workshop that uses drama, movement (yoga and dance) and music to tell our story. Mindful moments are intertwined to support us to refocus and pay attention to our own creative ideas.

Footscray Library, Friday the 6th of March, 11:AM- 12PM- Parents and Children

Join the event on Facebook and then reserve your free tickets

2. Mindful Story Time


The Maribyrnong Libraries are teeming with gorgeous picture books that support parents and children to dive into mindfulness, yoga, our feelings and more. They support families to cultivate a more mindful approach to life and parenting via gorgeous stories, beautiful pictures, important themes that engage and delight young children. During this session, families can expect the perfect mix of stories, moves, songs, games and ending with a mindful creation.

Here are the Location, Dates and Times then click on the link at the end to book a spot for your child!

Footscray Library Friday the 13th 11AM- 12AM Mindful Story Time

Yarraville Library Wednesday the 18th 10:30AM-11:30PM  Mindful Story Time

3. My Big Feelings

Ready Set Learn and Mindful Storytelling teamed up over the summer for an excellent morning supporting students returning to school with self-regulation.

Emma is back with her incredible approach to supporting children with processing their big feelings. When we are little our emotions can feel bigger than we are. Sometimes these feelings can be confusing and scary when we don’t understand how they manifest in our bodies or scramble our brain. These big emotions become less mysterious when children are able to identify and understand what they are feeling, and they are more likely to try some techniques to help themselves return to a calm state.

This is an event for Preschool-aged children from 3 onwards. Parents are required to stay and even join in, siblings welcome.

Friday the 20th of March Footscray Library 11AM- 12AM, Ages: 3 and up

Follow the link to book My Big Feelings with Ready Set Learn

4. Family Yoga

Although this is not a Mindful Storytelling event it is inline with my beliefs and passion to support families to share Mindful Moments together as a family. Also my children have been going to Bindu Creative Dance and Yoga since they were 2 and they are now 8 and 5.

Lisa of BINDU Creative Dance & Yoga invites families in all their diverse glory to a morning of Family Yoga. Breathe, move, share & be present in this special Mindful March event. All welcome. Beginners encouraged to come along! Mats provided.

The Body and Voice Centre, Saturday the 21st of March, 10:30AM- 11:15AM – Families

Book Here: Bindu Family Yoga Bindu Creative Dance and Yoga


A Mindful Planet with Mindful Storytelling


5. Earth Hour

A morning Earth hour picnic where children too young to stay up for the 8.30pm event can have a moment and an experience in the dark where we will meet some of our nocturnal friends and connect with nature’s beauty after dark. Using drama, movement, music and mindfulness we will bring the space to life while we learn about climate change and sustainability.

Yarraville Library, Saturday the 28th of March, 10:30AM-11:30AM- Families

Click on this link to book a FREE ticket Morning Earth Hour

6. School Holidays:

A Mindful Planet with Mindful Storytelling

Celebrate the last day of Mindful March with Mindful Storytelling. Today’s session will support participants to take a more mindful approach to our choices and our life on our planet. There is only one Earth. Through drama, movement and music we will explore how together we can create a more Mindful Planet.

Footscray Library, Tuesday the 31st of March, 11AM-12PM- Ages: 5 and above

A Mindful Planet Mindful Storytelling


I hope I see you at an event in March. If you see me come say hi!!!


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