I am Cathy Koman. This is the place and space where I record my musings and keep you up to date with my creative pursuits and workshop adventures.

A Little Bit About Me

I have been a Primary School Teacher for the last twelve years.  I am originally from Canada but I have lived in Europe, Asia and I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia.

Although, most of my family still lives in Canada, I am blessed to have married into a highly creative family of performing artists, musicians and actors. My hipster husband Tymek, two gorgeously cheeky and fearless fairies, Leeloo and Ziggy and my sensitive dog ‘Jeddy Boy’ keep me present and on my toes. Being surrounded by so many fabulously creative beings inspires and encourages me to follow my joy and passion of creating stories for and with children.

My interest in mindfulness and meditation started almost 20 years ago in India during a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Over the past 12 years, my understanding has evolved through reading, courses and daily practice. Raising children has given me lots of opportunities to choose a more mindful approach to life and time to dream of how I could incorporate mindfulness into my teaching.

Mindful Storytelling

I have always had a love and passion for the arts which I have incorporated into my teaching though storytelling, drama, music and movement activities. Over the years, these activities have inspired many stories I have written and have now evolved into workshops I present at schools; Mindful Storytelling; Through Drama, Music and Movement.

Basically, I provide the bones of the story, music and/or props and the children create the rest by using their imagination, movement and dance. I incorporate mindfulness techniques, throughout the session, to keep us all calm, engaged, in our bodies and having fun.

Check out workshops for your school here.

Creating Stories For Kids

Another one of my loves is writing children’s stories. This past year I have submitted two manuscripts to publishers and literary agents. Fingers crossed one or both are successful. However, if they’re not I have no shortage of material I could get ready for submitting and new stories come to me regularly.

To keep me focused and taking action on ‘all of the above’ I have created the group ‘Creating Stories for Kids’. We have monthly meetings online where we share our work, goals, tips and tricks. If you have had a story dancing around your head…please join us.





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