Reinventing Our Favourite Children’s Books

This article originally went to print in Westside Mama Mag. Lots of great tips to help you bring books to life with kids. Reinventing Our Favourite Children's Books Here in Australia there are no shortage of magnificent children’s books. In celebration of Book Week, which is August 18th to the 25th, and the Premier’s Reading … Continue reading Reinventing Our Favourite Children’s Books

Mindful Storytelling for Primary and Early Learners

1. The Foundation: Social and Emotional Learning through Collaborative Storytelling Kinder – Year 2 One session per week for a term. Intensives also available. Includes one session for parents and carers, and one session for educators. * Reflects current and best practice for student wellbeing * Connects to the Victorian Curriculum with an emphasis on … Continue reading Mindful Storytelling for Primary and Early Learners

The Tricky Transition to School

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash Is your child having trouble settling in at school?? School can be a big transition for some children and their parents. It was around this time last year that Leeloo started having problems at school. My confident child, who used to get annoyed with me if I stuck around too long in … Continue reading The Tricky Transition to School

Practicing Gratitude with Children

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash Yesterday a young boy from down the street came for a visit. It was his first time here and it couldn't have been more beautifully eye opening. As he ran from the tree house, to the trampoline, to the chickens, to the tire swing he kept saying “This is amazing!! You have … Continue reading Practicing Gratitude with Children

The Countdown to…

I am ashamed to admit that I am guilty of… telling my children that Santa is watching and making a list… For years we didn’t even talk about that guy. My children have never had a picture with Santa Clause or any other bearded men besides their father or grandfather. They didn’t even know his … Continue reading The Countdown to…

Books Alive: Bringing Picture Books And Stories To Life

Books ALIVE We put a twist on picture books and stories using music, drama, props, movement (yoga and dance) and the brilliant ideas of the students. Age appropriate programs for schools, kinders and child cares * Inspires confidence and creativity * Incursions or Term programs with weekly classes available * Facilitators- are Primary Trained or … Continue reading Books Alive: Bringing Picture Books And Stories To Life

Books ALIVE!

  'Books Alive' brings picture books and stories to life through drama, movement, and music. We believe there are many ways to tell a story and strive to put a twist on the story then compare it to the original. This program can be tailored to suit students at any level from Early Years to … Continue reading Books ALIVE!