The Little Book of Mindful Moments

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The Mindful March

Little Book of Mindful Moments


Three years ago, this month I ran an event designed to support people in my community to be more mindful. We never got to finish the complete event. Fast forward 3 years and I have journeyed down quite the rabbit hole. It is time for me to reclaim, rewrite and renew Mindful Storytelling.

Mindful Storytelling was once a drama. movement and mindfulness workshop that I ran in schools. My life has changed immensely. I have been quietly working on my master in Inclusive Education and now am the Inclusion Leader at a local school.

Mindful Storytelling will now be a space where my friends and I share information that will enhance life for ALL children in your classroom. It will challenge teachers, leaders and educators to consider what are the barriers that prevent a child from experiencing success, inclusions and happiness at school.

I start where it all began… with my mindfulness practice. Leaning into the present moment, being aware of my thoughts, actions and the stories I tell myself.

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A Little Book of Mindful Moments is 31 Days of activities that celebrates the present. This moment was designed to be shared with others. Every activity in this book was curated with the intention that teachers and families would share the activities with the young people in their lives.

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