Creative Mindfulness

Do you feel like you have ideas but aren’t sure how to put them down on paper, into print or into action? Perhaps you are feeling like the life you are living no longer fits and are searching for what is next. Creative Mindfulness may be the class for you. Any project is made up … Continue reading Creative Mindfulness

Six Visualisation Activities for Children and Teens

My First Experience with Visualisation When I was in junior high and high school I played volleyball. I had a love hate relationship with the sport because my competitive mindset was often misdirected. I would often lose sight of what was important by getting lost in jealous thoughts about team members who were better than … Continue reading Six Visualisation Activities for Children and Teens

Visualisation for Children

Waterfalls A friend of mine told me about a 5 year old birthday party she attended recently. The mother had a board with a list of games the children would be playing throughout the party. The mother said to my friend. “Watch this!” ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Waterfalls” Then she and the children all … Continue reading Visualisation for Children

Mindful Storytelling at Primary School

A while back I went into a local primary school and conducted a one day workshop, where I visit 5 classes and each class has different focus and lesson. The first lesson of the day was well received by an exuberant bunch of preps! They were amazingly enthusiastic and creative ! I felt really grateful … Continue reading Mindful Storytelling at Primary School

Wishes for 2017

This summer I have a workshop series coming up, called Wishes, Dreams and Superhero Themes. For dates and info check out this link! The first in the series is on Tuesday, January 10th. It follows the journey of a magic wishing feather. We will be using music, movement, feathers and our imaginations to help us … Continue reading Wishes for 2017