Do you feel like you have ideas but aren’t sure how to put them down on paper, into print or into action?

Creative Mindfulness may be the class for you.

Any project is made up of many small steps taken over time: it takes commitment and focus.

This session will help you develop a daily writing practice that will build your skills and confidence. Learn tools and habits to connect with your creativity, get your ideas on paper, focus on the story you want to tell and/or the project you’d like to put in motion.

Getting started can be the simplest and yet the most difficult act.

There are easy daily practices that will get you on your way to living a more mindful, creative existence. These little action steps can support you in honing in on what you want to do with your life and the impact you would like to make in the lives of all you meet.

We are immersed in the information age, where the answer to every question is at our finger tips. However, what if all the best answers are locked away with in you? This class seeks to encourage you to pause and get connected to the wisdom within.

Book your ticket for this week’s online workshop here: Creative Every Day: Part One 

Part One: Connecting with Your Creativity

During the session each of these topics will be supported with a personal story, activities and additional resources to support further development.

1. Clear your mind- with mindfulness or meditation. Starting with the Breath. (follow the link to read about the benefits of mindful breathing)

2.Capturing ideas- Think like a private investigator or a detective…there are clues or inspirational hits everywhere.

3. Journaling- The style of writing may vary. Participants will be encouraged to take a free flowing non judgmental approach.

4. Road blocks- How to bust through writers block, a lack of fresh ideas or our own thinking ( check out the post 10 Ways to Bust through Fear During the Creative Process )

5. Support a goal with monthly commitments: breaking your month down into small action steps.

Follow the link to reserve your seat now.

Part Two: Your Work in the Wider World

In Part 2 we will go deeper by exploring your Why. We will seek to uncover the purpose at the heart of everything you do, every conversation you have, every person you hope to inspire or support. We will seek to define an enduring statement that can lead you back to your path in times of confusion.

  • Discovering your Why
  • A Daily Practice- Start where you are with Gratitude and Vision
  • Get Curious-  about how others have done it
  • Curious Conversations and Mindful Communication
  • Visualising a Positive Future

Featured Image by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

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