A Conscious Consumer At Christmas

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My Father-in-law is a collector, of sorts. Some may say he has too much but this isn’t how I see it. He literally finds the treasures in other people’s trash. He is always showing up to my house with perfectly useful items that are in excellent condition that he found on the side of the road or shop bins.

My kids love it! When Leeloo was really going through her princess phase (I say ‘phase’ in the hope that it is over, but in truth she may be one of those princesses for life kinda gals), he showed up with more than a few frilly numbers fit for the princess-in-training. I have a funky blanket fetish and this year in particular, my collection has grown thanks to him.  I have throw rugs, 70’s crochet blankets, embroidered sheets etc. One time he brought us multiple boxes of nappies, only upon close inspection I realised they were for adults. There is at times a down side to his collecting….

Would The Real Santa Please Stand Up

However, the upside is that he is literally Santa Claus, at Christmas. He shows up with multiple sacks of presents! He has a really strong philosophy that presents are either to be made or found. You know those Christmas shoppers who shop all year round and just pile things in a cupboard?…Well that’s him. Christmas isn’t stressful because he has collected things for years. He has a whole warehouse of amazing stuff (and some not so amazing but he sees the use in what others deem useless!)

In the spirit of having a truly Conscious Koman Christmas I am committed to avoiding rampant Christmas consumerism!

Here are my top ten gift ideas…


  1. Postcards- I collect the free post cards you get at Cafés all year round. Then using magazines, I collage them and put a little holiday sparkle pizazz and viola you have custom made unique and not-so-new Christmas cards. Use a hole punch and some string and they can double up as a tree ornament for those friends who have a haphazard tree rather than the picture perfect ‘only Mum is allowed to decorate the tree’ tree.
  2. Re-gift- Do not keep presents you don’t want! Give them to someone who will want them or even if they don’t, at least give them the chance for a double re-gift, or trifecta.
  3. I love books, it is very hard for me to part with them. However, lately I have started to give away books that have meant something to me. It may be tattered and torn or a bit worn but this is about truly giving something that means something to you.
  4. Greenery- I have just planted some herbs in jars for a kitchen herb garden. It’s cheap, it’s nice and I assume it is do-able in the Northern Hemisphere…My sister is growing an avocado seed at her place and she is in New Brunswick, Canada. I have also created seed parcels, out of magazines, with my kill proof Kale, that finally went to seed. It’s Christmas Kale for one and ALL!20151204_155418
  5. Go to your local Op-Shop, or used clothing, baby kids market and get your kids clothes and presents there. Kids don’t care and don’t know, new to them is new enough. Let’s work to curb the packaging waste that ends up in the landfill this year.
  6. Upcycled anything is awesome- There are so many people globally and locally creating beautiful works of art out of people’s trash! Here in Melbourne my favourite store is the Green Collective. In their shops they support locals who are creating clothing, bags, jewellery etc. out of recycled materials.
  7. Clothes Peg Dolls- Don’t tell my kids but I am making them clothes peg dolls. I did buy the clothes pegs and the felt, but I am also using scraps of material, yarn, tiny rocks and tree bark.20151202_230421
  8. Create a Christmas story- Where your family are the main characters. You can turn it into a PDF and email it to family members. The story can be unique to you or choose, a story that is a family favourite…For the new parent, I suggest recreating ‘Go the F@#K to Sleep’ by Adam Mansbach. It’s hilarious and oh so true!  Family and friends will always have a special Christmas memory because sleep deprivation makes you forget most things. Check out my recent blog ‘This isn’t a Rock’ for other fun stories to make your own this Christmas.
  9. Natures gifts- Make ornaments, mobiles, fairy houses and other treasures out of the things you find in nature. We are in the process of painting pine cones for our tree
  10. Following My Song– It’s an eBook. It is new but you are not contributing to any landfill, as it is an eBook! And it is going on sale next week for a Dollar!!!! So basically you can buy for everyone you know even people you wouldn’t normally get a gift for!

I have hopefully given you some food for thought.  I invite you to think outside the Christmas box this year!

Wishing you

Love, laughs and a Conscious Chrissy!


P.S. I would love to hear your Conscious Christmas gift ideas! Let me know below or on Facebook!

P.S.S. Click the pic below to get your copy of ‘Following My Song’ sent to your Kindle app today!

My Song



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