The Countdown to…

I am ashamed to admit that I am guilty of… telling my children that Santa is watching and making a list…

For years we didn’t even talk about that guy. My children have never had a picture with Santa Clause or any other bearded men besides their father or grandfather. They didn’t even know his name until a year ago. Up until that point they called him ‘Father the Christmas’ (I never corrected them because it always made me smile).

When they found out about Santa it changed everything. Christmas in the last year has turned into a holiday nightmare that keeps on going. Every night before bed Leeloo sends a wish out to Santa…

“Santa bring me a bird, or a dog, make it two, how about a unicorn, I mean a real one. Can you help me to see a REAL fairy! How about a fairy house, a plastic one!”

Then she looks at me and says, “I have made the wish and wishes always come true.”

I told her Santa grants wishes that won’t cause too much trouble. We have dog, a cat and 5 chickens I think we have enough animals for the moment. Plastic. Its bad for the environment.

 December 1st we will start the Countdown…

Not the Count Down to Christmas…

The Countdown to Kindness.

The holidays have turned into what am I getting rather than what can I give, and it is still November!

Kindness is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Follow the link to this video to find out science behind kindness. 

I will be posting our acts of kindness on Facebook and instagram. Follow the link to play along or make your own calendar with your class or kids.

Making a Kindness Countdown Calendar.

Step One:  Brainstorm ‘Acts of kindness’ ideas with your kids.  .

Step 2: Write them on cards and fold them closed. Mix them up then glue them on the board.

Step 3: Start on December 1st Open one a day. You have until the end of the day to complete the task on the card.

Under each of these festive triangles there is a kindness task written on a piece of paper.

Here’s a list of acts of kindness to get you started…

25 Ideas for 25 days of love and kindness

  1. Make a list of kind things to say to people
  2. Read a books about kindness
  3. Brainstorm some kind questions to ask people through out the day.
  4. Love and kindness meditation before bed
  5. Bring something to share with your friends at school
  6. Write a Thank you note to a friend
  7. Plant a seed with love and kindness
  8. Pick up rubbish at the beach or park
  9. Hug a friend
  10. Smile at a person who looks like they need it
  11. Give away a toy (or try 10)
  12. Make a kindness chatterbox
  13. Make some food to give to another person
  14. Drop some food off at the food bank
  15. Buy and wrap present for one of our refugee friends
  16. I see you…give money or ask a homeless person about their day
  17. Bring a gift or some food to the elderly lady across the street
  18. Be kind to animals- Go cuddle animal at the lost dogs home
  19. Write a letter to a politician asking them to embrace kindness and #Bringthemhere
  20. Give flowers to a stranger
  21. Write love notes and leave them around your neighbourhood
  22. Go to someone’s house and do the dishes
  23. Give everyone you meet a compliment
  24. Draw a picture to give to someone
  25. Think of people who may not get to celebrate the holiday season and send them thoughts of love and kindness.

Wishing you kind thoughts, kind hearts and kind kids!

P.S. If you are looking for some conscious consumer Christmas ideas check out this post. 

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