Is Technology Robbing You of the Present?

I love the Internet and all the incredible information that comes with it but sometimes I just need a break. I have a business and it is in its early stages so getting tied up in social media can be tricky. It’s important to post regularly, to maintain a following, but it can be a bit of a trap.

I am constantly looking for new information to help develop my program. The upside: there is no shortage of material out there to support my program and give me new ideas. The downside: I could easily loose two hours a day looking at it.

When this happens, it stops me from being present in my life. It prevents me from getting natural hits of inspiration. That is why my recent trip to Tasmania was a computer free holiday. I did have a few moments of “What was I thinking” freak outs, when I had moments of quiet that I could be using to write a blog, newsletter or a lesson plan. Then I gently reminded myself that these moments of quiet are exactly what my soul and heart have been calling for. The busyness of my life had started to feel a bit oppressive, prior to this holiday. This was my time to be there with my sister, who was visiting from Canada, and my girls.

A Moment of Clarity


I had a moment of clarity, while meditating, on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

During a walking meditation, you are to gaze softly, about a meter ahead of you, as you walk slowly, bringing your attention to the transfer of one step to the next. I couldn’t help but get lost in the beautiful scenery around me. The gorgeous aqua waves crashing to my left. The wild tropical vegetation that lined the back of a carpet of white sand.

I gently reminded myself to return my gaze to the front. When I did so I noticed bits of sand sparkling in the sunlight. With each glint, I felt myself more immersed in the present. Then a thought came to me my head.

Magic exists in every moment.

I am sure I have read this quote somewhere, however the original source escapes me presently.

The thing is we are so caught up in everything going on in our heads we usually miss it. We are busy thinking about our ‘Things to do list’, a situation with a friend or a child, something we read on social media, the news, word politics, insert head noise here.

This moment on the beach helped me to let go of the stress that I was lugging around. It was such a beautiful reminder of why I love mindfulness.

Making a commitment to yourself to be present isn’t always easy. We are human and we live in the information age but if we can make a conscious choose to turn the TV off, put our phones away, turn off our computers regularly and be present to whatever we are doing I think we will make some surprising discoveries.

You may find there is beauty in places you hadn’t noticed.

There is peace even when our ‘To do list’ is unending.

There is a place where magic exists and it is right here, right now in this moment.

This week do yourself a favour and give yourself the present of presence and see what unfolds…

How to be present or Mindfulness 101

To be present is to be totally focused on what you are doing in that moment. Your thoughts are only on that task. If you are washing the dishes you are focusing on the cloth as it cleans each plate. If you are preparing a meal you are focusing your attention on the cutting the vegetables, and each individual step rather than thinking about all the things you must do after that task.

This is not to say thoughts won’t come into your head. They will. And when the ‘to do list’ or a thought about a conversation you had with someone a week ago, comes into your thoughts it is like during mediation or the relaxation part at the end of a yoga class. When a thought comes into your head observe it, try not to judge it or yourself. You may also say to yourself ‘thank you. I will get to you later.’ Then continue on with your practice of being present.

This mindfulness practice can be done every day with lots of different tasks or while you are spending time with those you love. Really shower them with your undivided attention.

Action Step: Choose an activity, could be playing with your child, doing the dishes taking a shower, etc. Once a day to practice being present. Set a timer for 15 minutes and really be there. Your centering thought, should your attention wander, is….BE HERE NOW.

Wishing you all love laughs and presence this week!


P.S. Something to consider: I feel, it has become too socially acceptable to have our time spent with people interrupted by our smart phones. This week, don’t allow your devices to rob you of the opportunity to be present with the people in your life.


3 thoughts on “Is Technology Robbing You of the Present?

    1. It’s true Lorraine. Many people these days find it hard to part with their devices. I am often one of those people. However, awareness and reflection is everything. I am now working to limit my time in this area so I can savour other areas of my life.


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