Mindful Moments in the Australian Bush

We spent New Years next to a river in the Australian Bush. I will not say that it wasn’t without it’s challenges.

Put four people and a dog in a car with faulty air con, towing the world’s worst 4wd trailer, add multiple downpours on arrival, leaky tent, thunder and lightning and you can imagine it wasn’t all peace and serenity.

However, the beauty of this adventure was the highs and the lows and how each brought me back to my mindfulness practice.

Communing With Nature

The friends you make while camping.


We camped in a very secluded spot. We saw very few people, which gave us the perfect opportunity to really observe and get amongst the natural environment.

If insects aren’t your thing camping probably isn’t either. I saw at least 10 different species of flying critters that I can not classify. We caught eels and marine (basically a fresh water lobster) and let them go. There were birds with unusual songs and colours. One of my favourite calls, in the bush, is the kookaburra. I can’t help but smile and break into song every time!



There aren’t too many places where you can run wildly in just your bather bottoms while narrowly avoiding muddy puddles. All the while, screaming, laughing, tumbling, sliding and narrowly avoiding crash after crash.

I didn’t have to intervene, to control, to make them slow down, hurry up, do this, do that…I just had to step back, breath and be inspired by this joyful moment.

Simplicity and a Snap Shot of Love


There are tender moments of connection which just don’t happen in our everyday lives. They emerge when the TV, the phones and other distractions are taken away.

These are the calm moments that follow the excitement of the big catch and the peace of sitting next to the first campfire. Being able to sit back and observe this scene with gratitude was better than anything I could have received under the Christmas tree.


Mindful Moments on Instagram: Raindrop Walk


New Years Day, we woke up to a world filled with sparkle from the morning showers. Here are a few of the images. The highlights were the spider webs but unfortunately none of the pictures captured the breathtaking scene in quite the same way.

Wishing you a Mindful start to your year filled with love, freedom and wonder.


P.S. If you are a Melbourne local and have a child going into Kinder, prep or grade one Check out The Mindful Storytelling Summer Workshop Series and book today!


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