What stories are we binging to life for ‘Books Alive’ you ask?

With so many amazing Aussie authors and books to choose from it wasn’t easy to narrow it down! Even as I write this I just remembered I forgot about Nick Blande and Pamela Allen, both prolific authors!

Bookings for Book Week are now limited! Lots of schools are getting on the ‘Books Alive’ Train! Follow the link to book now! 

Just a reminder ‘Books Alive’  will be bringing familiar Australian stories to life through drama, movement, and with splashes of mindfulness to keep us in our bodies and riding the wave of creativity. Follow this link to read about the basic structure of the lesson.

Sessions to choose from for your school or kindergarten…

1.The Magical World of Mem- (early years- grade 1) PossumMagicMem Fox’s beloved character Grandma Pose finds herself an empty nester. Little Hush is all grown up and has gone to Uni. Bored of the Bush, she goes on an adventure where she meets some of Mem’s other favourite characters. I wonder what kind of trouble Grandma Pose’s magic will cause this time?

2. Alli Lester’s Magic bus…Outback or Bust (grade 1-2)

are-we-there-yet-Get on the Alli Lester Magic Bus to travel to far of places. Imagine the places you will go on this musical magical adventure into some of Alison Lestor’s favourite Stories. Are we there Yet? The question will be… where is there? And who invited the pony?

3. Awesome Aaron’s Character Explosion (grade 1- 2 )bad guysSome of Aaron Blabey’s characters are taking over the school. What happens when the bad Guys meet some of Aarons sweeter less troubled or troublesome characters?

4.Stephen Micheal King Mash up (early years- grade 1)Milly Jack and the dancing catWhat happens when Milly Jack and the Dancing cat meet the Man who loves boxes?(follow the link to find more beautiful books about boxex) It’s all wonderful until a cheeky little girl who loves to bounce comes into the picture. Luckily throwing a snail and a turtle into the mix may slow her down. This is what might transpire when some of my favourite Stephen Michel King stories merge and become one. But we will just have to see.

5.Wombat Stew Chapter Two (early years- 2)wombatstew_webA Wombat Stew Yoga adventure. Followed by the follow up story that has never come to print. ‘Who’s cooking now?’

Most of the props constructed for these workshop will be made with recycled materials. I will provide teachers with follow up text related activities and activities that can be sent home to engage families in this book filled fun!

I have very few spots left for book week! Follow the link and book now!

But who am I kidding. ‘Books Alive’ is the kind of program that is perfect for anytime of the year!

Book Lovers!!!

Please share with me any books that you would love to see come to life, below or on facebook.




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