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books alive

In celebration of Book Week and The Premier’s Reading Challenge I have created a program called ‘Books Alive’.

‘Books Alive’ will be bringing familiar Australian stories to life through drama, movement, and with splashes of mindfulness to keep us in our bodies and riding the wave of creativity.

This new program can be tailored to suit students at any level from Early Years to Upper Primary.

To make a booking for your school or kinder follow this link.

What Books Are We Bringing To Life in 2017, You Ask…

I spent yesterday preparing some lessons for a few different bookings I have coming up.

The first was a mash up of Stephen Micheal King books. I love his quirky pictures, distinct style, wonderful characters and heart felt storytelling. I hope to bring that to the lesson using props and keeping it open for the student’s interpretation and ideas. I find that their ideas usually out shine mine so I give lots of opportunities for the students to direct where the story is heading.

Then I moved on to lesson that involved various characters from some of my favourite Aaron Blabey books.  What happens when Pig the Pug meets Thelma the unicorn or Stanley Paste becomes best friends with Noah Dreary? Your guess is as good as mine. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Finally, I started on a yoga adventure based on Wombat Stew (follow the link to listen to this Aussie classic!). Yoga adventures are basically me telling a story using yoga postures and the student follow along coping my moves. In the second half of the class the students have the opportunity to build on the story.

Here are some other authors I have thought of exploring: Nick Bland, Alison Lester, Sally Rippin (because I love the story Manny and the Long Brave Day), Pamela Allan, Graeme Base, Meme Fox., Jeannie Baker. Have I missed any of your favourite authors? If so leave them below this post.

Lesson Structure:

Mindful Moment:  Designed to get students and teachers out of their minds and bring the energy and attention back into their bodies. Revisited through out the lesson.

Story set up: A story is told, inspired by an Australian author or book, to set the scene for the main lesson. Basically, I create the bones of the story and the students add the detail. Props are used to engage the students.

Main lesson: During the main lesson, the story develops with the help of music, movement, (yoga postures, dance) props and the ideas of the students.

Reflection: We reflect on the lesson by reading the original story and comparing it to the story we created during the session.

Relaxation/ Visualisation: Depending on the lesson the student may experience a guided visualisation or relaxation activity. The purpose of the relaxation is to calm down the nervous system and to prepare the children for the next stage in their day.

Teachers will be given follow up activities for further exploration of the text or texts, that the lesson is based on. They will also be encouraged to read the text, after the lesson, to identify the similarities and differences between the story that evolved in class and the original text.

In each lesson I strive to use similar language and concepts that Primary School and Early Years Teachers are using, in class. For example the lesson may focus on…

  • A comprehension strategy- Prediction, Questioning, Visualisation, Re-tell, Making Connections, etc.
  • Beginning, middle and end.
  • Setting, characters, problem and/or solution

Make a Booking for ‘Books Alive’ HERE!

Attention Book Lovers

All you children’s book lovers out there… I am open to suggestions of your favourite authors or children’s books. They don’t need to be Australian. Please leave your brilliant ideas and fabulous fun time text recommendations below.

xo Cathy

P.S. For those of you in Melbourne, follow the link to find out about Books Alive  Community classes.

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