A Month of Mindful Moments


Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

Mindful March

This March I will be celebrating my 4th year of Mindful Storytelling. To mark this special milestone, I will be running a program throughout the month, designed to support teachers, educators, parents and carers to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

It is said that it takes 21 days for new habits to be formed. Imagine what is possible with 31 days!

Play along with a daily exercise designed to support you, and the children in your care, on a journey into mindfulness. Every day you will receive, in your inbox, a mindful minute activity designed to develop the habits and skills necessary to be present, focused, kind to yourself and others, compassionate, empathetic, happy, the list of benefits goes on.

Follow the link and receive your Mindfulness in March PDF calendar now.

This Month…

1. One Mindful Minute

As stated above, parents, carers and teachers will be invited to sign up to receive, in their inbox, a new ‘Mindful Minute’ exercise every day for the whole Month of March.

Click here to Sign up for Mindful March.

2. Meditations Mondays 7- 8 pm: 

Beginners Meditation:  Myself and ‘The Queen of Zen’ Kelly Brgoc, a thoughtful and dedicated practitioner of the present, will introduce different forms of meditation. This will be donation based. All funds will go towards room hire. The first two Mondays will be online. and the last two will be at Footscray City Primary School.

3. Mindful Storytelling


On Mondays and Tuesdays I will be running Mindful Storytelling: The Foundation with roughly 170 preps and grade ones.

Follow this link to find out how you can bring Mindful Storytelling to your school. 


4. Thoughtful Thursdays

Every Thursday a group of 5/6 student Well being leaders, at the school I am currently working, will be running lunchtime activities: based on kindness, empathy, optimism or gratitude. I am passionate about empowering young people with opportunities to encourage their voice and agency over their learning and community contributions.

In this case the students will be shinning while embodying the school values of Kindness, Responsibility and Community. In the lead up I will be supporting these students to come up with the activities that they wish to run every Thursday.

If you would like the 5/6 leaders at your school to get involved with Thoughtful Thursdays, email me. I will send you the weekly lesson plans to support your students to have their voices heard while making a positive impact on their school community.

5. Melbourne Workshops  

Rescheduled Date TBA Mindful Storytelling for Parents– This workshop will dive into themes presented during a 6 week Mindful Storytelling program. It supports parents to understand what is learnt in class and aims to make the links that mindfulness, social and emotional learning, kindness, gratitude, growth mindset and more can be beneficial at home. Parents will walk away with new tools, tips and ways to support our children.

Wednesday the 27th of March- Online Event- Time TBA

 Mindful Teachers and Educators -Creating a calm, focused and mindful classroom one minute at a time. This workshop will give concrete examples as to how teachers can use mindfulness throughout the day. These practices and tools can easily be linked to the curriculum while supporting students to be more present, focused and in charge of their emotions.

Sunday the 31st of March 1- 3 pm Location: Footscray City Primary School 

Creative Mindfulness This workshop is for people who are looking for a change or just want to be more present in the life they are living.  Attendees will see how mindfulness, meditation and creative outlets can support us to connect to life in our own unique individual way. Location: Footscray City Primary School

Reserve your spot Today!

Wishing you a March Filled with Mindful Moments


P.S. Join Mindful March and receive your Mindful March calendar now!


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