Wishes for 2017

This summer I have a workshop series coming up, called Wishes, Dreams and Superhero Themes.

For dates and info check out this link!

The first in the series is on Tuesday, January 10th. It follows the journey of a magic wishing feather. We will be using music, movement, feathers and our imaginations to help us tell the story. Mindfulness techniques will be woven throughout the lesson to create a bit of calm, presence and increased focus.

Students are also going to explore their wishes for the new year and create their very own special wishing jar.

This is an easy activity to do with kids aged 4 and up.Just after Christmas is the perfect time because  many kids have mastered the art of wishing for material things. Now we can branch out to wishes around happiness, emotional wellbeing,school and friendship. Also, instead of feeling powerless over our fears we can transform them into wishes.

How to Make a Wishing Jar

  • Get a glass or plastic jar
  • Put a few special items in that act as reminders of good times or wishes fulfilled.
  • Kids draw their wishes on pieces of paper


I included shells (because we love the beach), angel feathers, a dash of magic sparkles, little crystals, a flower from the garden…Think of items that are specifically special to you or the child you hang with.

Parents, carers or teachers can explain…

The key to having our wishes come true is being grateful for the special things and moments that have already happened. Gratitude helps us bring more of the same to us.

 Wishes Fulfilled Visualisaton

Put the lid on and give it a shake. Visualise, using all five senses, the moment when you know the wish has come true.

Use prompts and ask supporting questions to create a detailed picture.

Using your imagination we are going to create a picture, in your head, of the moment when you know our wish has come true.What can you hear? How do you feel in this moment when you know your wish has come true? Who is around you? Where are you? Do you have a special taste in your mouth? Use as much detail as possible.

Make your own wishing jar first.

Most things I do with my kids or students, I do for myself first. I follow the motto ‘I teach what I need to learn.’

Backing the wishing jar up with the latest research…

I recently read about a Harvard study where two groups of people created goals for themselves. The first group just said their goals out loud. The second group wrote them down. Later when they revisited the two groups the second group was 90% more successful.


In the past, I have created, a manifesting box, similar to the wishing jar but you couldn’t see what was inside. It was based on the idea that it’s good to make a wish and forget about it. When the time is right it will come to you.

Affirmation Jar that acted like a daily oracle- I wrote positive affirmations and my favourite quotes on pieces of paper. I would choose one each day and that would be my focus for the day.

Gratitude or Joy Jar- I would write down joyful moments (things that make me happy) as they happened and put them into a jar. Once a month, or when I was feeling down, I would take them out and they would help remind me of all the good things in my life.

Wishing you and yours a jar of magic, a barrel of laughs and lots of love for 2017!


P.S. If you have a 4-6  year old, come to the January Mindful Storytelling Workshops! Here is the contact link to book a workshop.

P.S.S. For more info about workshops click this link.

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